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Recognizing Patterns in Pediatrics

By understanding patterns of symptoms and illnesses, we make more accurate diagnoses and predictions of future issues, suggest more effective treatments, and deliver a better wellness experience.


By getting to know each patient and family as well as the many environmental and social factors that influence their health, we can better understand and improve their unique health journey.


By approaching healthcare as an ongoing conversation and tracking changing conditions that may trigger health issues, we can intervene early – as soon as a sniffle starts, rather than waiting until it becomes a troublesome cough.


By understanding common patterns of symptoms and illnesses – for example, knowing which baby with colic may be at risk of other problems in the future – we can connect the dots of what may seem to be unrelated symptoms and help families prepare for health issues that may arise.


By knowing how to provide the right interventions at the right time – and that not all illnesses need an office visit – we can provide options for care that are both effective and convenient, such as messaging and telehealth options.

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How We’re Different

Culex originated from insights into patterns of symptoms and illnesses. When different people catch the same illness, they do not experience the same symptoms: some who catch a cold have a little congestion, while others have troublesome coughs and difficulty breathing.
Roughly 1 in 5 patients experience symptoms more intensely and are considered “highly sensitive” – and this 20% of patients accounts for 80% of all office visits!
Over the years, we noticed these highly sensitive children also tend to have:

  • More severe respiratory infections,
  • Sensitive skin,
  • Gastrointestinal problems,
  • Emotional sensitivity and anxiety, and
  • Heightened imagination and creativity.

These patterns suddenly make sense of the sometimes difficult health journey that is experienced by these children. Understanding these patterns means that Culex can deliver a better wellness experience.

Our Process

Our Process - Culex Wellness - A Better Way to Pediatrics
Our personalized approach depends on getting to know our patients, their families, and their social and environmental context. We engage with our patients via online messaging at any time, telemedicine via phone or video, and hassle-free visits at our clinics.
To get – and keep – the conversation going, we plan for the following:

  • Getting to know you visit for new patients; we get to know the family and their unique predispositions, and the family learns about our innovative approach (online or in person)
  • Regular check-ins to monitor health and wellness (online messaging, phone call, or even a telehealth visit depending on the current patient concerns)

When our patients need to reach a doctor, we encourage them to reach out to determine the best way to address their needs; not every illness requires an office visit.

  • Messaging – connect with us at any time
  • Telehealth – phone or video
  • In-person visits – hassle-free services at our clinics

We accept all insurance plans.

Our Staff


Board-certified pediatrician with over 20 years of clinical practice experience. Leadership roles include Division Head of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at the University of Maryland. Awards for innovative work in pediatric care include Baltimore Magazine’s list of “Top Doctors“ and Chesapeake Family Favorite Doctors Award. Founder of KinderMender Walk-In Pediatric Centers, later acquired by a national pediatric urgent care group.

Livi Carey
Livi Carey
January 4, 2024
I have seen Dr. Rafei my whole life and decided to keep seeing him as an adult because he is the most attentive, knowledgeable, and thoughtful doctor I've ever met! He is an expert on all things asthma and allergy and I always trust his opinion on any problem.
zanib gondal
zanib gondal
December 29, 2023
Doctor himself and the staff is really helpful every time i visit with my baby. Highly recommend everyone.
Sonia Zavala
Sonia Zavala
December 29, 2023
Excelente servicio
Lyrik Ferrer
Lyrik Ferrer
December 28, 2023
Dr.Rafei has been nothing less of exceptional. From his care to his support for everything I’ve needed for my son. My son has asthma and I’m constantly in communication with Dr.Rafei he always answers all my questions and concerns and anytime my son needs to be seen he tells me come right in. He truly is a blessing of a doctor and my family is so grateful to have him. Thank you tremendously Dr.Rafei and his team for superior care of my family.
Karla M
Karla M
December 27, 2023
Dr. Rafei is very caring and knowledgeable. I recommend him 100%. We brought our 14 month old nephew here with cough. He was able to assess him and work with us. Thank you Dr. Rafei. Kudos to his staff for being so helpful!
December 24, 2023
Dr Rafei came in to see our sick son on a Saturday when they were normally closed. We were able to test for COVID, flu, strep, and all were negative, so we could still do our Christmas gathering on Monday! Dr Rafei is amazing!
Ivis De la O
Ivis De la O
December 21, 2023
Great place for everything I met Dr Rafei in the ER one day when my child was having breathing issue he took the time to help me get a treatment plan in place, I recommended him to my Family and Friends who are looking for pediatrician he is excellent Doctor and their assistants are very friendly and excellent, very good.

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