All too often, contemporary medicine is conducted with an onslaught of testing that fails to get to the heart of problematic symptoms.

Faced with a sick child, doctors immediately call for viral panels as a matter of course, a kneejerk reaction that does little to reduce misery in the long run.

Yes, when children are presenting with severe cough and congestion, COVID and flu testing is not a bad idea, per se. They certainly pinpoint what the culprit might be. But they don’t necessarily help anyone feel better, either.

Treating a child’s symptoms must be the key. While multiple children can come down with the same illness, symptoms tend to vary from individual to individual – particularly for atopic individuals, whose inflammation response is working at an all-time high.

The flu, for instance, may trigger infection – but it is a child’s sensitive airways, propensity for cough, or inflammation in other parts of the body, that makes them miserable. Sadly, far too many physicians may not look closely at these factors, if at all, after receiving a positive COVID or flu or strep test. Just like with last year’s rash of RSV infections, once the diagnosis is delivered, supportive care becomes the only game plan, without any thought given to the virus’s cytotoxicity and the patient’s unique immune response.

Culex Wellness is different. While we do believe in proper testing, we also understand how inflammation – a process that typically serves to rid the body of harmful and damaging agents – can go haywire in approximately 20 percent of the population. Known as “atopic” children, these individuals frequently share similar chronic conditions such as allergies, asthma, and eczema, and are subject to a heightened immune response that cranks their cold and illness volume up to 11. For this reason, they may be predisposed to various infections, leaving their families grasping at straws for solutions and relief.

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