Our Services

Culex provides comprehensive one-stop pediatric care, including:

  • In-person preventive care, e.g., annual visits, physicals, and vaccines for children
  • Acute and preventive care in person or via telemedicine
  • In-person acute care, when an office visit is necessary

We accept all insurance plans.

Culex offers a superior approach to pediatric primary care, conveniently located in Columbia, Maryland. Our pediatric center is dedicated to providing comprehensive and personalized healthcare for children. Culex offers a better way to pediatrics by combining an in-depth understanding of each individual patient with a knowledge of symptom patterns and illnesses. This approach allows us to make more accurate diagnoses, predict future health issues, suggest more effective treatments, and ultimately deliver a better wellness experience. If you’re looking for exceptional pediatric primary care near you in Maryland, trust Culex to exceed your expectations and prioritize your child’s health and well-being. Learn more about the Culex difference:


Our personalized approach depends on getting to know our patients, their families, and their social and environmental context. We engage in an ongoing conversation to understand their unique predispositions and circumstances; these conversations may spontaneously arise from specific symptoms or circumstances, or they may be guided by questionnaires.


We are proactive in checking in with our patients regularly to monitor their health and wellness – at least weekly, and more often when symptoms or circumstances change. We want to know when a sniffle first starts, not just when it has become a troublesome cough; this allows us to intervene early and treat problems more effectively.


Our comprehensive approach to pediatric primary care encompasses acute and proactive care as well as providing information and resources that will help our patients successfully predict and manage symptoms. This helps make ongoing symptom management simple, streamlined, and effective.


We encourage our patients to reach out to us to determine the best way to address their needs, whether via online messaging at any time, telemedicine via phone or video, or hassle-free visits at our clinics. Not every illness requires an office visit, so this ensures our services are both more convenient and more effective.

Especially for the one in five patients who can be considered “highly sensitive” to illness, Culex can significantly improve the health experience. Benefits of our approach include:

  • Diagnosing illnesses more accurately;
  • Predicting symptoms and future illnesses to allow for early intervention;
  • Focusing on reducing and managing symptoms in line with specific needs and circumstances of the patient;
  • Alleviating anxiety that only serves to further worsen symptoms;
  • Clarifying the root cause of medical problems to prevent fruitless diagnostics and specialist visits;
  • Minimizing the need for return visits to doctor’s offices, ERs, and urgent care centers due to unexpected or worsening symptoms;
  • Reducing disruptions from mounting sick days (parents’ absence from work, children’s absence from school);
  • Shedding light on the advantages as well as the challenges of higher sensitivity.